Object Lessons


Objects: Shaded Windows

The Christmas spirit is all about us. The stores are beautifully colored with bright ribbons and tinsel. So crowds are buying.

While visiting one of the large stores downtown I had occasion to go to the office on the fourth floor. Typewriters were clicking—pens were scratching—and pencil sharpeners were grinding. And there were some who were chattering. But, do you know, I had a feeling, as I gazed through the grating, that I was looking into a prison cell. There were the bars, through which I was looking; a few men were walking around like guards; and worst of all—to me—the windows were shaded.

Those shades were pulled up from the bottom so that all that could be seen outside was a bit of blue sky, and a cloud or two floating by. No trees; no house; not even a church steeple.    And it was Christmas time.

Perhaps that was the way to make that office force efficient—I do not know—but I do know this: It is only nine and one half days more and then Christmas, and I was just wondering, boys and girls, if your windows are shaded so that you can't see much beyond yourself.

There are a lot of boys and girls in different parts of the world and right in our own city who do not know very much about Jesus and His love. Perhaps they are unhappy. They see all this beauty but Christmas won't mean much to them unless you boys and girls let your life be filled with unshaded windows. Those unfortunate ones are all about you,—in your school and on the street. I hope you can really see them. The Bible tells about shaded windows—it calls them "vailed" windows.

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