Object Lessons

Friendly Helpers

Objects: A Skunk

Probably the most unpopular animal in the world is the skunk, even though your mothers do like to wear fur coats of Alaska sable. However, apart from its fur, the skunk is one of God's valuable little animals. God has given every animal some means of protection and the skunk is no exception. I have been held up for half an hour at night on a road just waiting politely for a skunk to let me by. He is very tame, or at least he is unafraid—even when you go up to him to pet him, but that is not advisable in the case of most skunks. His protection, you see, is against dogs and cats and other animals but he often applies it to humans.

To be sure our friend the skunk eats the farmer's eggs if he can easily burrow under and into the henhouse, but he prefers bugs, and grasshoppers and insects, beetles and field mice, and as you know all these little insects are mostly pests to the crops in the garden, and to the lawns.

Really, you see, the skunk is one of our most valuable of animals. He gives us fur for coats and is an aid to the farmer. It's just his weapon that we don't like.

Everyone of you boys and girls are useful workers for God through His Church and by your fine character—and I hope that if there is something a bit disagreeable about you at any time you will find a way to get rid of it, and then you will be more valuable to more people, because you will find it is some disagreeable habit that will keep others from wanting to work with you.

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