Object Lessons

Finding God

Objects: Dials

I sat down by the radio one evening last week and looked at the program in the newspaper. I found one I wanted to hear and then turned the dial of the machine to "99"—sure enough: Lowell Thomas. And do you know, just the least bit of a turn of the dial and I could not hear him clearly; if I moved it to "100" Mr. Thomas just went away.

The first time I used one of those dial telephones I found the number I wanted all right and turned that little gadget several times—but no one answered. Again and again I repeated the process—and then I read the instructions,—I had dialed before I lifted the receiver.

In thinking about dials, boys and girls, I discovered that several things were necessary before turning that little wheel.

The first thing to do is to decide whom you want to talk to or what program you wish to listen to.

The next thing you have to know is the number on that dial that will bring the voice you want to hear to your ears.

And then you must know how to dial correctly, for it will do no good to dial the number unless the radio or telephone is properly connected.

This is Easter, a time when we are all thinking a lot about Jesus, and want to know a lot more about God. Have you decided that you really want to hear God?—And feel Him near? All right then, look up in this Bible more about the teachings of Jesus; find out all you can about Him and His way. Know the number. Then put into practice Christ's love, loyalty, trust and honor.

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