Object Lessons

Faithfully Working

Objects: Worms

God has taught us a great deal about His love and care through the study of animal life, and you may be sure, boys and girls, that God has a lot of uses for the squirming, wiggling worms besides baiting fishhooks.

Believe it or not, if all the worms should up and die, there would soon be no human life on earth. For, you see, the earth's crust would become just one solid rock if it were not for the worms that keep it fallow so that trees and grass and corn and wheat and everything else may grow.

It's the worm that takes those fallen leaves and chews them and works them over and over until they are brought down into the ground, furnishing the best kind of fertilizer for trees and plants.

Oh, of course there are some bad worms, or at least they are destructive to property—but then there are naughty boys and girls and bad men in the human world, too. And after all the worm doesn't know any better than to eat off little plants in the garden—and human people do know better.

So, my young friends, before you kill a worm in your garden—for many of them have to be destroyed—just apologize to it and tell his brothers and sisters to go out in the open fields and woods and leave your tomato plants alone.

I guess that's what God wants of us too, just attend to our own affairs and use our ability to make the world around us better, keeping the world mellow and beautiful with our happiness.

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