Object Lessons

Faith Keeping Us Alert

Objects: Stem Winding

Have you a watch? Did someone ever ask you the time and, with considerable pride, you pull out your fine timepiece and prepare to give the correct time only to find that your watch is eight hours slow? It is rather embarrassing, isn't it? Well, that happened to me the other day. Sure enough my watch had stopped, so I examined it a little and found to my relief that the only trouble with it was—it needed winding.
Now, it doesn't take long to wind a watch and it is not hard work but we do sometimes forget or neglect it—and then we are in danger of missing our appointment.

In order to make anything go you really have to set it in motion. Even a hoop won't roll downhill unless you set it upright on the hill and then let go of it. An avalanche does not start of itself; something starts it, either an earth tremor or wind or the sun. So really nothing is automatic. You and I come the nearest to it—and we depend on God.

You see God gave us a brain so that we could think out what is right and what is wrong by learning more about Jesus and His way. Sometimes we neglect to wind up our brain by study and so often miss out on noble thoughts and deeds.

When I looked at my watch and found it all right except that it needed winding it made me think that our consciences are all right only they too have to be kept clean and in readiness—always wound up.

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