Object Lessons


Objects: Pills

Did you ever have the doctor visit you and after taking your pulse and temperature roll out of a small bottle some little, bright red, round pills? Then you heard him tell your mother to give you one every hour. He tells you that those pills will make you well in no time but to be sure to swallow them quickly with a glass of water or a piece of cake.

Pills may be colored beautifully to look at but if you chew them they are often terrible to taste.

A great preacher named Spurgeon once said: " Don't chew your pills."

There are a lot of things in life, like pills, that you must swallow without chewing.

I wonder if there are many boys and girls who really like to linger at their piano practice. I know you all love music and want to be able to play that piano well. But that half hour of practice each day comes hard because you " chew " about it so much.

Do you come in and go to bed the minute you are called? You know you need the sleep and will feel better the next day if you come in early—and furthermore you have to come anyway so why " chew " about it? Do it quickly. Get it done. Don't chew over hard things that you know have to be done. Your father and mother know best what is good for you.

Objects: The Right Size

There is a story told of George Washington, riding one day, with several others, and as they jumped their horses over a stone wall one of the party allowed his horse to knock a stone off the top. Mr. Washington shouted back at him that he had better replace it. "Oh, let somebody else do that," answered the man. So they went on and finished their journey and turned back. When they came to this wall again George Washington dismounted and put that stone back in its place. One of the others said to him, "You are too big a man to do a thing like that." "Oh no," said our first president, "I'm just the right size." That reminds us of that text, "Who­soever shall be chiefest shall be servant of all," doesn't it?

I suppose you boys, and perhaps the girls, too, like to run races. I used to track quite a lot when I was a lad, and I always noticed that if I wore shoes too big or too small I would get sore feet and I couldn't run freely. Shoes should be the right size for you.

Hats stay on your head better if they are the right size. Some boys like to wear their dad's hat but it is usually too large and a gust of wind will get it all muddy. It doesn't matter what size you may think you can wear—it's the right size that fits.

Sometimes boys and girls get the idea they can do things better than their fathers or mothers so they just refuse to do the things they can and ought to do. You really ought to go to bed at eight o'clock to make the best of yourself, that's the right size for you, even though you may think you can stand it to stay up until ten. Do the small things well and the big moments will come for you.

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