Object Lessons

Desire to Know God

Objects: A Bait

When boys talk about bait they usually mean fishworms which they dig out of the garden. I don't know whether Jesus did much fishing or not, but if He did He didn't use hooks or worms. However, I'm not going to talk about fishing today.

Bait is food. I used to hitch up the horses and go to the back field on our farm to plow. At noon I "baited" the horses and myself. For the horses the bait was usually oats; and for me the bait was a sandwich or two. A slight rest and a little food for the afternoon's work.

Bait, as well as being food for the physical body to take in strength, is also food for the eyes to beautify life. We hear a Tot about Grant's Tomb in New York. I saw it not long ago and found it to be very beautiful and inspiring. But just seeing that wonderful structure was not enough; it was just bait to make me want to know more about the man Grant: his ability and his life's history, and I came away feeling just a bit stronger and more determined to grow in my contribution for God in His plan.

You come to church to learn a bit each day about Jesus in your school, and then to this worship service to learn reverence and to honor God. You feed your soul so that you will have moral strength of character to hold back words that might hurt someone if spoken—that you may be more helpful and useful and unselfish. You will find yourself much happier and more anxious to know more about Jesus, for His way is strength for your life.

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