Object Lessons


Objects: A Jackknife

Mrs. Sargent and I were commenting, the other day, on the beauty of a certain young girl we saw on the street. We wondered who she was and what she did and what grade in high school she might be in. For the purpose of this parable I took the trouble to find out. Well, she was working in a mill—which was perfectly all right in itself but she had left school in her sophomore year and furthermore a great deal of her beauty was handmade.

Now this girl made me think of a knife I once bought for seventy-five cents. It had a very attractive handle and my initials were put on it. It also had one of those spring blade openers—but after the blade was opened it wouldn't cut soft wood. The hinge rivet soon became loose and the blade wobbled so that it could not be used at all. But the handle was still very beautiful. For a long time I carried a ten-cent knife for use and the other for looks.

People say that Abraham Lincoln was not much to look at, in fact he was very plain looking and awkward. But how the people loved him and how useful he was to our country. He had a very beautiful character because of his spiritual love for God and his determination to do Christ's will.

I have a knife I would like to show you sometime. It is probably as old as Abraham Lincoln and its beauty is its enduring qualities. It has a simple brass handle but the blade inside is just as strong and useful as it ever was.

So we love and follow Jesus, not because of what he looked alike; we are not sure of that anyway, but rather because of the wholesomeness of His soul character—of His determination to always be able to bear witness of His Heavenly Father.

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