Object Lessons


Objects: Spark Plugs

"Oh, I guess it must be the spark plugs." Did you ever hear your father say that when the car didn't run quite as smoothly as it really should? I rather suspect that spark plugs should be renewed every twenty thousand miles—no doubt it would make a big difference in the power of the car.

You see, those spark plugs work pretty hard and under terrific heat. They consist of two electrodes—and they must work together and smoothly without friction or skipping, even though each electrode may carry a differ­ent kind of electricity—one positive and the other nega­tive. However, both electrodes in our spark plug, in order to create power for the engine, must receive the electric current from a central source, the battery.

It is a terrible shame and a pity, but I have known churches that seem to function rather meagerly and all because Jane goes around telling how much more important she is to the church because she can sing better than Mary. You see Jane never stops to realize that every Sunday Mary is teaching a class of small girls, whereas Jane isn't capable of teaching.

Those churches would be strong and run smoothly for Jesus if the Marys and Janes would realize they have different talents and are different types, and just get together and work happily receiving all their strength from the central Power—God.

No two boys are alike, but some of the best friends are as different in their ability and talents as the positive and negative electrodes in spark plugs and yet work together for a great cause..

Objects: Pipes

You boys and girls have been coming to church Sunday after Sunday and as you were sitting in this beautiful place you have noticed the many pipes on our organ. Probably you have wondered why there are so many. Well, the ones you see on the outside are ornaments. But in back there are a lot of others of various sizes through which the fine music comes.

Now each size of pipe represents a tone. First let us hear the note nearest the center of the clavier. That is called middle " C." Most of our hymns and singing are placed near that note. Let's look at the pipe.—Like the note it is medium in size.

Now let us hear the bass or lowest " C " on the organ. There it is.—It is so low we can't sing it, but I like it. It isn't used much but it is necessary to give a final finished message to a great symphony. That note seems to dominate—it stands out and is heard. Like the tone the pipe is big.

But what about those tiny pipes? What can they do? They are a part of the organ and the music. Listen to that high "C." Just a tiny squeek, but somehow when it is played everyone is quiet—you could almost hear a pin drop on a rug.

Most of us are medium-sized pipes in the harmony of Life. Here and there a great leader dominates and directs and stands out big from the others. But I think very important are the small pipes. Children who are sweet, kind, obedient and thoughtful—there is no better music as a part of life's happiness harmony.

Objects: Wheels

One day last year I was told that the rear wheel of my automobile wobbled slightly, so knowing that this would wear the tire out quickly, I examined it closely and discovered that four of the wire spokes were loose. I took the wheel to the garage and had the man tighten them and the wheel was drawn back into perfect shape again.

When I used to be on the farm, oftentimes the hot dry air would loosen the wooden spokes in our farm wagon's wheels. The blacksmith would do what he used to call resetting the tire, which meant refitting the spokes securely once more.

One spoke can throw the whole wheel out of line and cause danger.

You boys and girls are the spokes in God's great wheel that carries this world of ours to righteousness. God is at the center or the hub end of the human spokes. Into this hub I trust you will fit your lives and keep them there securely. Then in service for Him, let your life individually reach out with others to the work God has to be done, and hold tightly to a great purpose which will save other boys and girls from getting in wrong paths.

Ezekiel sees a great vision and the text with this parable reveals God and human spokes of a wheel.

Then there is the potter's wheel with which the potter moulds and smooths his clay into various shapes. So God created life as the wheel to mould you little by little. I hope you will always respond to His Will that the Great Potter may be proud of you.

Objects: Short Ropes

I stood, the other day, watching a small boy with a rope in his hand about eight feet long, trying rather impatiently to hitch two doorknobs together which were at least nine feet apart. First he would shorten up the hitching end and then he would try to stretch the rope. Suddenly he dropped the rope and went out to the garage and came in with another piece. This he also tried but it seemed to be even shorter than the first rope. When he was sure that this second rope would not reach he just sat down and began to whimper a little—then suddenly the sun came out for him and a bright idea solved the problem.—He just took those two ropes and tied them together. Of course.    And so the play went smoothly on.

When I was a boy if some house or barn should catch on fire, every man and boy in the township would rush as fast as possible to help put it out. Each man would bring a pail and instead of running back and forth to the brook or well, a line would be formed reaching the whole distance and the pails full of water would be passed along that line of men and boys from the water supply to the fire. Short ropes individually but tied together in a bucket brigade to put out a fire.

Our Boy Scouts can tell how to save a boy who has broken through the thin ice while skating. Several boys will lie flat on the ice end to end and firmly holding each other push the line to the drowning boy.

Alone you may be short ropes but with one hand in God's you can reach out and help many another to the right way that Jesus tells about.

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