Object Lessons

Control of Temper

Objects: Dandelion Seeds

Sometimes you see a boy or a girl who has a very bad temper which he does not try very hard to control. At such times, when things do not go just as he wants them to and he goes into a rage, a rush of words pours from his mouth, words that he would ordinarily be ashamed of and ones that he will wish with all his heart he might recall.

I know a girl who got terribly angry one time and she began to say very naughty words about her little friend. Her father heard the loud talk that was going on outside and went to the door and called his young daughter to him. He saw a dandelion in full seed—its big tall stem rose high above the grass around it and on top of that stem was that ball of pure whiteness almost ready to blow away with its hundreds of tiny seeds. The girl's father told her to pick off all that white fluffy top. Then as she brought it to him he told her to go out and throw the whole handful up in the air as far as she could. Of course the wind caught each little seed with its white wing, and how they scattered in every direction. After the last one had settled to the ground and most of them gone from sight and ready now to take root and grow,—her father told his little girl to try to pick them all up and put them back on the stem again.

Words are just like that. How fast they scatter the moment you let them out of your mouth—and somewhere they take root too so that others think they can do it if you can. But, oh, how much you would give to be able to collect some of those words back again.

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