Object Lessons

Control of Self

Objects: Harness

When we think of a harness we think of a lot of straps and buckles so arranged as to place on a horse that he may be hitched to a wagon or a plow and made to work for man.

Well, James Watt when a small boy was sitting by the window watching the steam come from a teakettle on the stove. Tired of watching it, he looked out of the window and saw a colt walking beside its mother as she was drawing the plow about the garden. The boy said to himself that sometime that colt, too, would be harnessed, like the mother, and made to work. Why not steam? From that time on young Watt was always thinking about steam and how it could be put to work. He learned through study that even before the time of Christ, Hero—a Greek scholar of Alexandria—had tried to use steam. At last, after years of study and experimentation, James Watt harnessed steam into a workable engine.

Do you know that there is a lot more real power in just a few words and acts than in a whole boiler of steam, as powerful as that may be ? The minister's words can do a lot of good only as boys and girls put a harness on them and make them work as a guide in their lives.

See to it that your own words and acts are harnessed for good and so kept under perfect control. I hope you will never let them get out of hand for if they do they will quite likely hurt somebody before they can possibly be harnessed again.

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