Object Lessons


Objects: Snow

Did you watch the big flakes of snow that fell in the last storm we had? How gently and quietly they winged their way hesitatingly towards the ground.—Then all of a sudden, as if changing their minds, they would sail upwards again. They seemed to see a muddy spot on the ground and wanted to go back up where they could keep pure. Snow is pure as long as it keeps UP away from the ground.

Even after snow lands it keeps clean as long as it is protected from the impure debris of the ground. I have often been walking on the crust, and feeling a bit thirsty I would break the crust and reach down under and pick out a handful of clean snow and eat it. The snow had fallen in a clean open field and was protected further by a thick crust.

Perhaps the most important thing about snow is that it is warm, just as wool is warm. Just as wool keeps the sheep warm so the snow keeps the grass roots warm. In the spring you will see a lot of big cracks in the paved roads. Why? Because the snow was all scraped off during the winter and the frost went down deeper and deeper until it got under the road bed and caused it to heave upwards and crack the pavement. If the snow had been allowed to stay the frost would not have gone so deep. So snow to the earth is just like a woolen blanket is to you on a cold winter night when you are in bed. But like the snow, the best way to keep pure and clean is to be where pure and clean things are.

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