Object Lessons

Christian Zeal

Objects: A House

Several of us were watching a very beautiful sunset one evening and as the sun went down behind the wooded horizon one of us turning around exclaimed with considerable excitement, " There's a fire!" and sure enough, high on a hill we saw a house entirely ablaze. Our first thought was to rush as quickly as possible to help put out the fire—for the only fire protection was a possible brook and men with buckets—but then we realized at once that it was only the sun reflecting its glory on the many windows of that house.

While all around me was growing darkness, the many windows of that house caught the sun and revealed it to us once more.

How I used to like to climb Black Mountain or Mount Moosehillock and with a pocket mirror catch the sun and reflect it down upon our house ten miles away. Mother would always be looking for it and we were all so pleased that she was able to see our signal.

All this reminds me of the time when Jesus with three other men went up into a mountainside and suddenly these three men saw Jesus' face ablaze with what they knew to be the light of God, and their own souls were strengthened.

I believe God wants you boys and girls to be something like that house, ablaze with the fire of His love and so reflecting the fine teachings of Jesus as you have learned them in order that others may see their beauty in and through you.

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