Object Lessons

Christ's Power to Save

Objects: Stainless Steel

The making of steel is one of the greatest industries in America. There is so much of it used in building houses, and big stores and bridges and ships.

It is very interesting to study how steel is made. I am told that a heat of three thousand degrees Fahrenheit is necessary in the great furnaces. That's pretty hot when you compare it with a hot summer day.

Some of this steel is then manufactured into very beautiful table knives, but how terribly tarnished they become and mother has to work hard to polish them up when company comes.

In order to prevent these knives from tarnishing, the steel, now, is dipped in some counteracting solution which gives us stainless steel.

Why is the metal of your bicycle dipped in chromium or painted red? Not wholly to make it look nice, but rather so that it won't rust. Wood is painted so that it won't rot.

God has a great deal of wonderful work to be done to build this world as He wants it to be. He is depending on you boys and girls to do your part. The only way to keep bright and ready for service is to dip your life deep in the character and love of Jesus Christ, to keep the spots and stains away.

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