Object Lessons

Christ's Leadership

Objects: A Grasshopper

Have you ever read that very interesting incident about the boy who one day while playing in the yard suddenly saw a grasshopper jumping about and decided to follow him? On and on Mr. Grasshopper jumped—through the grass, over stones and around puddles—after a while he came to a junction of two fences; the grasshopper leaped through but the boy stopped, for right at his feet lay a tiny child. The boy didn't know just what to do with the baby but he finally picked him up and tugged him home to his mother, who in a very few minutes carried him to his mother next door who had just missed the child and was nervously looking for him.

If it hadn't been for the grasshopper perhaps that child would not have been found for hours or a day or two, and how terribly sad the mother and father would have been all that time.

Now this baby grew up and became a great man and was knighted: Sir Thomas Gresham; and today, I am told, London's great building, the "Royal Exchange," was built in his honor and high up on the tower is a weather vane—not a horse, or a fish, or an arrow as we often see—but a grasshopper.

I just wonder if God didn't use that little grasshopper to find that little lost child. But He also used that little boy. I hope you boys and girls will always let God lead and direct you, for only in that way can you be most useful in this world where so many stray away from the right way of Jesus.

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