Object Lessons

Christ's Influence

Objects: A Match

A group of six small boys decided that they would like to go on a hike. So one of them asked his big brother to go with them and guide them to a little lake eight miles away.

So they took some hot dogs and rolls and started out early in the morning. Their feet dragged during the last three miles, but they finally reached the lake—very hungry.

They picked out a safe sandy place where they decided to build their fire to cook the hot dogs. They rigged up a very good fireplace and gathered and laid the kindling and wood. And then one of them asked, "Who has a match? " No answer.

Finally Freddie spoke up, " Here are three, but they are the kind that have to be scratched on the box—and I haven't got the box."

They were a pretty dejected group of boys, until their leader asked, "Has anyone got a pocket mirror?"

Sure enough there were several. So very carefully and steadily he rubbed that match back and forth on the glass and it soon burst into flames—but it went out before the kindling was lighted.

Rather dejected they tried another, it also went out, but one of the boys had the last match ready and ignited it from the second match just before it went out—and the kindling caught and the day was saved.

Those disciples were great men and strong in character because they rubbed shoulders with Jesus. Paul became an enthusiastic Christian when he felt Jesus touching him.

You and I will always strike fire for the right if we keep in close touch with Jesus.

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