Object Lessons

Choosing the Right

Objects: Bridges

Way up in the little town of Bath, New Hampshire, there is an old wooden covered bridge. It is very long as it spans the Ammonoosuc River mill pond and a railroad track. Automobiles go racing through that bridge at a great speed. Trucks go bumping through with heavy loads—yet that old law still is on the books and the sign remains on each end of that bridge as it read years ago: " Horses must not go faster than a walk." In crossing that bridge one day I thought of you boys and girls, for I was thinking what a bridge was really for.

When we are out fishing and want to get across the brook we find a small log and with great skill balance ourselves and walk across. That's a bridge. It may be a plank. Or many planks set side by side for a horse and wagon. A bridge is to cross something on—it may be a brook, a chasm, or from one building to another. A bridge is that which will allow you to go from where you are to where you want to be without too much hardship or danger. But that bridge must be strong and built upon something solid, else a flood might wash it away as I have seen many times.

Now I hope that every one of you will make a good name for yourself when you get to be a man or woman. And I know you will if you always choose the right bridge when you see a hard problem to solve. I think a boy or girl who would cheat in school doesn't pray very much. If he did he would walk right across to the right side and leave temptation behind. If you LOVE God you will not be mean to less fortunate boys and girls—you will help them. Love is God's bridge to the right side from where you are to where you ought and want to be.

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