Object Lessons


Objects: A Fifty, One-Hundred-Dollar Bill

Did it really ever occur to you that you might be pleasant all the time ? That you might be happy all the time. That you might be cheerful, not only when you feel like it, but all the time. If you young folks could be like that at home and at school and when you are playing, this would be just about the right sort of a world in which to live, in a very short time. What a responsibility.

Several years ago all the workers in a small bank were trying to balance the account before they were allowed to go home. The error seemed to be in just one pile of bills. They counted and recounted that pile. It was getting very late and it looked as though they would have to stay all night and work. They would count the pile and then as they checked it they were always fifty dollars short. Suddenly one man noticed that every time they counted the pile it was turned over for the check off. Sure enough there was one bill in there that was marked on one side "one hundred" and on the other side "fifty." Then they all went home tired out and hungry.

Of course that bill was immediately sent back and destroyed.

I wonder if God can always depend on you—or does He sometimes see another side, one that isn't worth quite so much to Him? Can your father and mother and friends depend on you to always be your best self?

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