Object Lessons


Objects: The Broken Show Window

I recall an incident not long ago while downtown doing some shopping. While walking along a street I noticed in one of the big stores that the show window was broken. It looked much like a big spider's web with all the little cracks running in all directions covering nearly half the enormous plate glass. I learned afterwards that someone had maliciously thrown a stone and purposely broken it, only a few hours before.

A few days later in passing that store the broken window was still in evidence but a large sign had been pasted over it which read: "The window may be damaged but the goods are perfect."

We are told that Simon Legree was a pretty harsh slave master but in spite of the terrible whippings received Uncle Tom could nobly and proudly say, " You own my body and can whip it, but my soul isn't yours."

No one can harm your soul and character except yourself. Others may try by all sorts of methods—chiefly by throwing words and mean little slights so as to make you feel bad.

I have seen sick and crippled little boys and girls in hospitals and on the streets in wheel chairs, and beggars who cannot work anymore—most of them have a smile on their lips which seems to tell me that God has hung a sign in that unfortunate life which reads, "The exterior may be somewhat broken but the soul and character goods are perfect."

Objects: Signatures

"RUSTY," in his play the other day, left a slight scratch on Bobby's arm.—" That," said his sister Joyce, " is the way the dog signs her name."

When I write a letter, sometimes the writing is very poor and hard to read—but I always sign my name very plainly in large letters so all can read whom the letter is from—I'm not ashamed of my signature.

Ah, but there are many other ways to sign your name, my young friends. Mother comes home from the corner store and finds little brother crying, and she turns to you and says: " Well, what did you do to him? " Well, what did you? Mother has your signature. She knows you thoroughly.

You know some visiting boys and girls pick up their playthings before they go home for supper—and some do not. That's their signature.

I go into many homes during a year and often notice the pictures that are hung on the wall. Sometimes I go into your room where you are sick in bed. I nearly al­ways see the picture of Jesus somewhere about the room. To me the pictures in your home are the signature of the people in it.

I believe that God wants you and me to be His signature here on earth right where we live. When you are helpful, willing, happy and truthful—THAT is THE WAY god signs his name, and helps build His Kingdom.

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