Object Lessons

Character Study

Objects: Mirrors

The mirror had been broken that morning and the glass had fallen out, so when Jimmy got up and went to comb his hair and fix his tie he had a hard time. Mother finally got him off to school, but he arrived rather late and when the teacher asked him why he was so late he said, " Well, you see, I went to look in the mirror this morning and there wasn't any mirror there. I forgot we broke it playing catch, and it took me so long to fix my tie and comb my hair without a mirror to see myself in, that I was late for school."

The teacher remarked that before there were any mirĀ­rors people must have had a hard time. One remark led to another and soon the class was discussing the different kinds of mirrors.

One little girl told of going to an amusement park and looking in the mirrors that made you look funny. In some you look tall, others short and fat. She said she was glad she didn't really look like the mirrors said she looked, and then the teacher broke in: "Have you ever noticed that whatever we look like in some mirror doesn't change our real looks at all? There are boys and girls and older folks too who like to make ' good impressions ' so that people will say, 'What a fine fellow he is.' Well, are you really a fine fellow inside? You see you are not always what the mirror of people tells you you are, but you are what you know you are, and what God knows you are.

Some mirrors are so blurred that they do not reflect how we look to any great degree. People sometimes say, " I don't know about that fellow, he has a fine home, and sometimes he acts fine but then at other times I just can't make him out."

Live your best, boys and girls, and don't be afraid to let the world be your mirror.

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