Object Lessons

Best Things in Life

Objects: Pockets

Let's take a peek into a boy's pocket, and see what goes into it. A jackknife, marbles, pennies, and what's this?—a nail and three tacks; a pencil, piece of chalk, an eraser, a puzzle; some keys, a golf ball and a tee; here is a small electric bulb, a top of a pencil; matches, rubber band, a whistle and some sand.

Now what about the pockets of a girl's handbag? Here is what I found: Two handkerchiefs, a picture, pencil and a pad of paper, pennies and a nickel, two dimes; colored paper with drawings on it, colored crayon, pins, cloth with a needle in it, a ten-cent watch; a birthday book, an arithmetic paper marked 100, empty powder box and a lipstick holder.

I think the boys might well take out the tacks and nails else holes might be made in the pocket and other more valuable things might be lost. Then too that bulb might break and the matches are rather dangerous. Girls might well watch out for the colored crayon and pins. The dimes had better be put in the bank.

I was thinking what goes into the pockets of your life. Love and kindness are there; there may be some selfishness which you had better hurry and take out. Generosity and obedience are there; perhaps you see disobedience and some grouchiness somewhere that need to be thrown out right away. I hope honesty and truth and helpfulness and happiness are in every one of the pockets of your life. Give it some thought, will you?

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