Object Lessons

Analyzing Oneself

Objects: Upside Down

A few weeks ago I noticed a large crowd standing in front of a furniture store. Curiosity made me stop and stretch, that I might see over the shoulders of the people,, and I discovered that they were looking into a mirror. But as I gazed into that mirror I was amazed to see that everything was upside down. It proved to be one of those freak mirrors which the store owner was using for advertising.

When you snap that little lever on your camera and take a picture of your friend, the camera sees that object; upside down. So it has to go through a developing process to get the picture right side up.

A young man was learning to fly an airplane. It was early, evening and the pilot thought he would do a few stunts to test the lad's nerves. The young man looked UP and saw what he thought to be millions of stars—and then he looked down and saw the moon and of course knew that he was flying upside down—for the "stars" were just the city lights.

So I thought of you.—Do things ever go wrong with you?—and look sort of topsy-turvy? Do you ever grumble when you want to play and the whole world is against you and upside down because you have to work and run errands? Listen. Just stop and think a moment,—see if you aren't upside down. See if you aren't looking at things through an upside down mind. Remember, Jesus always saw the best In folks because He was, right side up.

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