Object Lessons

Yearning and Learning

Objects: A pint jar, a half-pint of gasoline colored with lampblack ground in oil, and a half pint of water colored lightly with laundry bluing or blue ink. (The lampblack can be secured at a paint store. Either paint the jar a light grey, or cover it with paper. Leave an opening in the back about three inches wide for light. Leave a heart-shaped opening in the front, below the center. Begin the lesson with the black gasoline in the jar. A lighted flashlight back of the jar will give better visibility.)

This jar with its black heart reminds me of an unsaved person. No matter how you shake or tilt it, the heart is still black, suggesting sin. Sin cannot be removed from the heart by shaking.

When a person accepts Christ as Saviour, the heart is changed, just as this heart is changed by this light blue fluid. The fluid is blue to remind us of the Holy Spirit who came from heaven to abide in the hearts of saved people.

The top of the heart is black, and the rest blue. When a person accepts Christ the Holy Spirit enters the heart, but He is not always allowed to fill the heart. The more of this blue I put in, the less of the black is allowed to stay in the heart. The more room in the heart that is occupied by the Holy Spirit, the less there is for sin.

I have put enough blue in to entirely fill the heart, and we cannot see any of the black; but let us be careĀ­ful, for every time the heart is shaken or tilted the black again shows. There never will be a time in this life when we will be entirely free from sin; but we can come as near to it as is humanly possible, when we are filled with the Holy Spirit.

When Solomon prayed for an understanding heart, God gave him the Holy Spirit, in order that he might discern between good and evil.

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