Object Lessons

Two in One

Objects: Four nursery blocks—one "G," two of the letter "O," and one "D."

A little girl was once playing with four building blocks like these. She had just learned to spell and was seeing how many words she could make with the four blocks.

"Mother," she said, "I can spell, 'Go' and 'Do.'"

"That's good, Mary. See if you can find other words."

"Oh, Mother, I can spell 'Good,’ too." "I am glad you found that word," said Mother. "That was the word I hoped you would find. Mary, these four little blocks can teach us a wonderful les­son, if we are willing to learn. It is 'Good' to 'Go,' and 'Do' the things God wants us to do. This is a lesson in obedience. If we go where God wants us to go; do the things He wants us to do, we will someday hear Him say, 'Well done, thou good and faithful servant.'"

In looking at these blocks, and the words we can spell with them, I am reminded of the words of Paul in Acts 23:1, "I have lived in all good conscience before God until this day."

Paul was a man who had been saved by accepting Jesus Christ as Saviour, and then he was willing to go and do the things that pleased God; telling others of Christ's power to save.

Christians cannot, like Paul, say that they have a good conscience unless they, too, are going and doing the things Christ wants them to do. Many Christians have heard Christ say "Go," "Do," and will some day, with Paul, hear Him say, "Well done, thou GOOD and faithful servant."

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