Object Lessons

Two "E'S" and Two Eternities

Objects: A capital "B" and a pair of scissors. (Make the "B" by folding a piece of white paper 8 ½ by 11 inches, making it 8 ½ by 5 ½ inches. With the fold to the left, draw a line ½ inch from the fold and beginning 1 inch from the bottom. Extend it upward 4 inches. From this point draw to the right to within 1 inch of the right side; then down the right side to within an inch of the bottom; and then over to the starting place. This will leave an opening 4 inches deep. The corresponding opening for the upper part of the "B" will be 1 ½ inches deep. Round the corners on the right side, and make a notch even with the cross bar to give more the appearance of a "B." Cut out the two inside openings. Color the front of the "B" gold and the back black. Color the inside red from the top to the bottom of the center upright and 3 inches each way from the center on the middle cross bar.)

What do you think this golden "B" might stand for? We will let it remind us of the "B" of opportunity. The world says, "Be famous, be rich, and be popular." The Lord says, "Be saved, be happy, and be useful."

This "B" contains more than you realize. I will cut it in three places to see what is in it. (Cut the bottom bar where it joins the upright, the middle bar 3 inches from the fold, and the top bar where it joins the upright. Turn both "E's" over, showing one to be white and the other black.)

See, we have a red cross and two "E's." The cross is red reminding us of the cross on which Christ shed His blood for a lost world. One of the "E's" is white and the other black. They remind us of two eternities. We will put the white one up above the cross, representing the eternity of those who have been made ready for heaven by accepting Christ. (Pin on a blackboard.)

The black "E" reminds us of another eternity—the eternity of those who have never accepted Christ and are lost. The Lord Jesus tells us about these two eternities in Luke 16. Between them there is a great gulf fixed, so that none can cross over.

We should be wise, knowing that there are two eternities, and we should make preparation for living with Christ by accepting Him as Saviour.

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