Object Lessons

Tried and True

Objects: Two rubber bands, a board six inches wide and eighteen inches long, two nails, and a small gilt paper crown. (Draw a circle with a four-inch diameter at each end of the board. Color one black, the other white. In the black circle, write the word "SELF," and in the white one, "GOD'S WILL." Drive a nail in the center of each circle. Tie a thread to the nail in the white circle, attach the golden crown to the other end of the thread, and conceal the crown back of the board. Kill the elasticity in one of the rubber bands by leaving it around a lighted electric bulb or in a slow oven. If time does not permit this, use a black thread, instead.)

One of these rubber bands is much better than the other. If you cannot tell by looking, how can you tell which is the best?

"Test them by stretching."

You are right. Unless a rubber band will stretch, it is worthless. I brought a board with which we shall test these rubber bands, and see which is the better. People are often tested. If they stand the test, God will use, and reward them.

This board, on which we will test the bands, has two circles—one black and one white. The black one is marked "SELF," and the other one, "GOD'S WILL." We will hang the two rubber bands on the nail in the center of the black circle. Some people do not get beyond themselves. Everything they do is for self.

Job's wife was this kind of person. When her husband was being tested, she advised him to curse God and die. When I try to stretch this band from "SELF" to "GOD'S WILL" it breaks.

This other band reminds me of Job. It does not break as I stretch it into the circle marked "GOD'S WILL." In back of this circle there is a golden crown. All those who like Job, are willing to move out of "SELF" into "GOD'S WILL" will be rewarded.

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