Object Lessons

Toys that Teach

Objects: A toy broom, dust pan, carpet sweeper, and a small dust cloth. (These toys can be secured) easily at a 5-and-10-cent store.)

In looking at this dust cloth, toy sweeper, broom, and dust pan, of what are you reminded?

"House cleaning. My mother uses such things when she cleans."

Yes, that is a good answer. When does your mother try the hardest to have the house cleaned?

"When we have company."

Yes, most mothers want the house especially clean when company comes.

These toys remind me of King Hezekiah, mentioned in 2 Chronicles 30. He remembered God. He was wise enough to know that God was ever present, and did not come on visits, and for this reason he cleaned house. We read in verse 14 of this chapter, "And they arose and took away the altars (to heathen idols) that were in Jerusalem, and all the altars for incense took they away, and cast them into the brook Kidron." King Hezekiah and his people were blessed because they got rid of the things that were displeasing to God.

Christians today should be careful to allow God to remove all things from their lives which are not pleasing to Him. The Lord Jesus is more important than any visitor who might be coming to their homes. When this is done, His blessing will rest upon them.

What are some of the things you think should not be found in the lives of Christians?

"Smoking." "Drinking." "Shows." "Dances." "Lying." "Stealing." "Swearing." "Hatred."

Yes, anything which displeases Christ should be confessed to Him, and forsaken.


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