Object Lessons

The Pleasures of the World

Objects: Five pieces of stiff black paper, two and one-quarter inches wide by six inches long, and a piece of white paper the same width, twelve inches long. (Cover two and one-quarter inches of the top of each black piece with differently colored paper. Paste a red cross on the white strip, and cover the back of the white with yellow. Fold the white to make it the same length as the black strips. Arrange the strips side by side extending from an envelope four inches deep by twelve inches long, opened across the top, allowing the colored ends to show. Cut a heart-shaped hole near the bottom of each black slip.   Label with white ink as described.)

These slips of paper represent the pleas­ures of the world. On this lavender one, the word "Shows" is written. As it is pulled out, the color changes. It is black! The pleasures of the world are false and lead to sin. Written on this slip we find, "Unclean Thoughts, Unclean Life, and Crime." The heart is left empty.

The orange is marked "Card Playing." This pleasure, too, is false, leading to gambling, dishonesty, and other sins. The heart is still empty. (Place the orange in front of the lavender.) The purple slip is marked "Smoking." It leads to uncleanness, a dull mind, ill health, and an empty heart. Green represents "Dancing." It leads to sin, sorrow, and many times to divorce, and the heart is empty. "Whisky" is written on the blue slip. It leads to drunkenness, broken homes, sorrow, and an empty heart.

The white card is marked. "The Christian Life." The red cross on it reminds us of Christ's death. Written on it are the words, "Love, Joy, Peace, and Happiness." The heart is filled with a star, which reminds us of Christ, "the bright and morning star."

Unsaved people often think that Christians do not get much out of life, but notice that this slip is twice as long as it appears. The back is yellow, telling us of the golden streets of the heavenly city. Christians are not only happy now, but they also will be happy throughout eternity.

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