Object Lessons

The Cork Family

Objects: Five corks, graduated in size, a small flask-shaped bottle filled with vinegar, an imitation cigarette, an imitation playing card, an imitation dance program, an imitation theater ticket, a wide piece of black cloth, a narrow piece of red cloth, a wide piece of white cloth, and a large magnet. (Put a large tack in each cork. Sew the red cloth between the black and white and spread over the table.)

I want to introduce you to the Cork Family. They are all on the black side of life; reminding us that "all have sinned, and come short of the glory of God" (Rom. 3:23). The articles you see on their heads are not strange-looking hats, but different things which keep them from being drawn by the magnet, from the black, to the white side of life.

The magnet, which reminds us of the Holy Spirit, begins to work with Mr. Cork. He is held by whisky. The magnet takes him to the red, which suggests Christ's cleansing blood, and to the white side of life.

At first, card playing keeps Mrs. Cork from going with the magnet; but finally she yields to the magnet and follows her husband in accepting Christ and living the new life.

Cora Cork .does not want to give up dances; but the magnet keeps drawing her; and she, too, comes to Christ, receives forgiveness of sin, and begins to live a new life.

Carl is bound by cigarettes; but he comes to Christ for cleansing, and joins the others on the white side of life.

Clara thinks it would be hard to give up shows. After hearing that the others are getting a greater joy out of the new life, she joins them.

It is well to remember that the members of the Cork Family were not saved because they left certain things behind, but because they received Christ. However, they needed to let Him deliver them from everything that was holding them back.

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