Object Lessons

The Can Cousins

Objects: Three cans of canned vegetables or fruit, graduated in size. (Smear mud over the largest, remove the label and reverse it on the middle-sized one, and leave the label unchanged on the smallest.)

What do you think these cans contain?

"The little one has canned pears in it. The big one is so covered with mud that we can't read the label. The other has the label reversed, and we can't tell what is in it."

You are right. The only label which we can read is on the small can. Did you know that these cans are like Christians? They are so much like people that I have named them Carl, Kenneth, and Charles. They are the Can cousins.

On the top of each can I notice some code letters and figures. Carl, the large can, has "KT 264 BZ" impressed in the tin. The cannery which put out the can could tell us many things about it by looking at the letters and figures of the secret code.

Doubtless the food in the large can is just as good as that which is in the small can, but we do not know what it contains. It is often true that among those who have professed to take Christ as Saviour, there are some whose lives outwardly do not reveal Him, because their lives are unclean. Kenneth, the middle-sized can, is clean, but the label is reversed. Just so, there are those who have accepted Christ, but who refuse to let others know that He is abiding within.

Charles, the smallest can, reveals what is within, showing it by the label, as well as by the secret code impressed in the tin. Not only the cannery people know what this can contains, but the public as well. Christ knows all about those who have accepted Him as Saviour, and He wants them to reveal the fact to others.

Charles reminds me of David. In Psalm 103:1 we read, "Bless the Lord, O my soul: and all that is within me, bless his holy name." One of the things which caused David to sing the praises of God is found in verse 12 of this same Psalm. "As far as the east is from the west, so far hath he removed our transgressions from us." All those who have received Christ need to tell others and be like Charles Can and King David.

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