Object Lessons


Objects: A pair of field glasses, and a piece of cardboard on which the word "JESUS" is printed. (Place the cardboard sufficiently far away so it cannot be read from the platform.)

Did you know that field glasses, to be effective, must be properly adjusted, clean, and pointed in the same direction at the same time? They are good examples of teamwork. They show us how Christians should work together in order to be most effective. What are field glasses used for?

"To see distant objects distinctly."

Yes, but this would not be possible if they did not cooperate. I am going to look through these glasses to see whether they aid my vision. Back near the door is a small cardboard with writing on it. I cannot read it without the glasses. With them I can see it clearly. It has the letters "J-E-S-U-S" on it. Billy, I want you to look through the glasses, and see whether you can see the name "JESUS."

"Yes, I see it clearly."

I told you that these glasses remind me of Christians. In Psalm 34:3, we read, "O magnify the Lord with me, and let us exalt his name together." These glasses are working together to magnify the name of Jesus. If I should turn them around, they would make the name look smaller and more difficult to read. If our lives are clean, rightly adjusted, pointed in the right direction, and cooperating, we together will magnify the Lord and exalt His name.

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