Object Lessons

Sweet Hearts

Objects:  A two-pound coffee can, two tumblers, enough small candy hearts to fill one tumbler, a black cloth, and a white cloth. (Cover the can with green paper. About three inches from the bottom, on the inside, glue with water glass a cardboard shelf, reaching two-thirds across the can. Put a lip on each side of the shelf to keep the candy hearts from sliding off too easily.)

When thinking of the resurrection of Christ, we should think of the day when He will return to earth, and will call forth from the graves the bodies of those who have accepted Him in life, and Will take from the earth the Christians who have not yet died. We are told about this in 1 Thessalonians 4.

These candy hearts remind us of individuals who die and are buried. This can, covered with green paper, will represent the ground in which bodies are buried. I will pour the candy into the can.

When Jesus first returns, only those who in life have accepted Him as Saviour will be resurrected. I will pour the candy out. (Only those on the top of the shelf will come out.) The glass is only about half full. Not all the bodies of the dead will come out of their graves at the first resurrection. In Revelation 20:5 we read, "But the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished." This refers to the unsaved people.

We will pour out the candy hearts representing the unsaved into this other glass. (Tilt the can in the opposite direction, and the hearts below the shelf will come through the opening into the glass. Put the glasses on opposite ends of the table, and it will seem natural to tilt the can in opposite directions.)

We will cover the first glass with a white cloth, reminding us of the white robes of the redeemed or saved people. The other glass we will cover with a black cloth, representing those who will be cast out into outer darkness.

This should be a warning to all who have not accepted Christ, that they should do so at once, in order that they may be included in the first resurrection.

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