Object Lessons

Stop, Look, and Listen

Objects: A small "stop, look, and listen" sign, an empty whisky bottle, and a black envelope, small enough to be pasted on the back of the bottle. (On a strip of black paper write with white ink the following words: "Sin," "Sorrow," "Poverty," and "Sickness." Fold the slip and place it in the envelope. Draw a skull and crossbones on the envelope.)

Where is a sign such as this used?

"At railroad crossings to help prevent accidents."

That is a very good answer. This is a helpful sign and should be used in other places than at railroad crossings. Here is an empty whisky bottle. I think that a "stop, look, and listen" sign should be placed before every whisky bottle while it still has whisky in it. We will look back of the bottle and see whether we can find some reasons for stopping, looking, and listening—and then not drinking whisky.

On the back of the bottle there is an envelope with a skull and crossbones, which means death. Whisky means death to many things that are dearest and best in life. A black slip of paper is sticking out of the envelope. As we pull on it, we find words written on it. The first one is "Sin." Yes, whisky does lead to sin.

Next we find the "Sorrow." You can never have sin without sorrow. It has been said of drinking, "It is champagne (sham pain) at night and real pain the next morning."

As I keep pulling on the slip, I read the word "Poverty." The Bible tells us that "the drunkard and the glutton shall come to poverty" (Prov. 23:21).

We next find the word "Sickness" written on the slip. Many people are sick today because of whisky.

I think we all agree that every whisky bottle should have a "stop, look, and listen" sign placed before it, for if people really heeded the warning they would not touch it.

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