Object Lessons

Saving From Sin

Objects: Two catsup bottles, a piece of sash cord about eighteen inches long, two balls whittled from corks about three-eighths of an inch in diameter, a piece of black cloth, and a piece of white cloth. (Paint the bottles a light brown, and glue a heart cut from white paper on the side of each. Make a "sleeve" of grey paper, large enough to cover all but the neck of one bottle. Paste a black heart on this sleeve. Before the lesson put one of the cork balls in each of the bottles. Sew the black and white cloths together, and place on the top of the table, allowing a little to extend over the edge. Dye the sash cord red.)

There are two sides of lifeā€”the black, and white sides. This bottle on the black side has a black heart, and the other has a white heart. The one with the white heart has a rope of red, which suggests faith in Christ to save from sin. (Before the lesson, place the sash cord in the mouth of this bottle, tilt the mouth down, and the cork ball will fall into the neck of the bottle, acting as a wedge. A slight pull on the cord will tighten the wedge securely.)

Christians living on the white side of life should be interested in getting others to accept Christ. This bottle takes Christ to the bottle on the black side. The bottle with the black heart humbles himself, and receives the red rope. (As soon as the sash cord has been placed in this bottle, tilt it sufficiently to allow the ball to fall into the neck, and act as a wedge.) The bottle is being lifted. It is losing its black heart. (The sleeve will slip off easily.) It now has a white heart, and is being carried to the white side of life.

Paul realized the possibility of helping others to know Christ, and he said, "As a wise master builder, I have laid the foundation." The only foundation for any life is Christ as Saviour.

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