Object Lessons

Rainbow Wheels

Objects: Two pieces of round cardboard about seven inches in diameter, two pencils, two small red cardboard crosses, and two straight pins. (Make six circles, each within the other, on the cardboards, and color them red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and purple, leaving a small circle at the center uncolored. Stick one pin through a red cross, then through the center of one of the cardboards, and into one of the pencils. Follow the same procedure with the other cardboard, except that the pin is put through the cardboard about halfway between the center and the outer edge.)

Did you ever see a rainbow wheel like this before?


Look carefully before you say that you have seen one like it. It has a red cross in the center, reminding us of Christ. The wheel is beautiful as it whirls.

As we look at this rainbow wheel, we are reminded of a Christian when Christ is the center of the life. It is perfectly balanced and is a thing of beauty.

Here is another rainbow wheel, much like the first, except that the cross, suggesting Christ, is not in the center. This wheel is not as beautiful as the other, because the rainbow colors are distorted when it spins. This wheel reminds us of those Christians who, while they have Christ, do not allow Him to be the very center of the life, around which all else revolves.

In looking at these two wheels, we are reminded of Mary and Joseph. Their lives were beautiful as long as Christ was the center of their lives. The time came, however, when they allowed friends to occupy their attention, and went a day's journey without Him. Because of this they were not well balanced, just as this rainbow wheel is unbalanced when the cross is anywhere but at the center.

Boys and girls, these rainbow wheels should teach us to have Christ always at the center of our lives, and then our lives will be beautiful.

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