Object Lessons

Preserving a Picture

Objects: A picture representing Christ, and pictures cut from magazines advertising cigarettes, whisky, dances, and theaters.

I want to show you the picture representing the Lord Jesus which I like best. It is the one in the Garden of Gethsemane, where He went to pray. I have some other pictures here, and I want to ask you whether you think they would look good in this frame with the picture of Jesus.

Here is one of a bottle of whisky. Would it be all right to put that in with Jesus' picture?

"No, He would not want anything to do with whisky."

You are right—it would be out of place to put such a picture in the same frame with His.

We have a picture of a package of cigarettes. Do you think it would be any more fitting than the whisky in the same frame with Jesus' picture?

"No, neither one should be close to His picture."

Well, here is an ad for a dance hall. Would that look any better?

"No, that wouldn't do, either."

I have one more picture. It is an announcement of a show. The people who planned this performance, and take part in it are not seeking to know God, or to obey Him. Can you imagine that Jesus would attend shows if He were on earth today?

Boys and girls, you have been right in saying that these worldly pictures should not be placed in the same frame with Christ's picture; but have you stopped to realize that many Christians have some of these things in their lives as well as Christ? We would not think of defiling His picture with these other pictures, and we are right in that, but we ought to be even more careful not to have anything displeasing to Him in the life in which He dwells.

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