Object Lessons

Praying for a Prisoner

Objects: A black string, about eight feet long, two identical finger rings, and a white cloth. (The rings can be secured at the variety store. Thread one ring on the black string, conceal the other in the left hand.)

This beautiful ring on this black cord reminds me of Peter in prison. Peter was kept in prison against his wishes. There appeared to be no way for him to go free from the prison cell.

James and David, will you please come to the platform to help me? You boys hold the ends of the string tightly to keep the ring from getting off.  (Do not allow the boys to stand so far apart that the string is held taut.)

While Peter was wondering how he could get out of prison, the church was praying for him. The white cloth, which I am placing over the ring, will remind us of the prayers with which Peter was surrounded.

(While the white cloth covers the ring, make a loop in the string and slip the second ring, which has been concealed in the left hand, over the loop. Slip the loop which has gone through the ring back over and around the ring. This will cause the string to hold the ring temporarily. With the original ring concealed in the left hand, move toward the boy who is standing at your left.)

James, I will hold your end of the string while you see whether the ring can now be removed. (While the ring is being unlooped easily by this boy, slide the original ring in the hand off the end of the string and into your pocket.)

When the angel came to Peter, awakened him, and led him out of the prison, Peter experienced the truth expressed in Psalm 46:1, "God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble." God is willing to help His people today as truly as He helped the Psalmist and Peter.

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