Object Lessons

Pens and People

Objects: A fountain pen, an ordinary pen, and a bottle of ink.

Did you know that pens are like people? You see, a pen is an instrument in the hands of its owner with which a message may be written. Very important messages have been written with pens. Pens have been used to place signatures on treaties and contracts.

Christians, like pens, should be yielded instruments in the hand of God. Both of these pens are yielded to my hand, but they are different, even as Christians are different. In what way do these pens differ?

"One has to be dipped often, and the other is a fountain pen."

You are right. All Christians are supposed to give forth God's message, whenever they have an opportunity. Some do this only when they have recently been fed by a sermon or a Bible lesson. At other times they are dry and cannot be used to give out God's message. Other Christians are like a fountain pen. They are filled and ready at all times to be used of God.

In looking at this fountain pen, I am reminded of Luke, the man whom God used in writing the Gospel of Luke and the Book of Acts. We read in Luke 1:3, 4 that Luke said, "It seemed good to me also ... to write . . . that thou mightiest know the certainty of those things, wherein thou hast been instructed." We should be glad that Luke was ready to write, for he told us many wonderful things about the gospel of Christ and the early church.

You and I will never be used as Luke was in writing books in the Bible, but we can be used to deliver God's message to others. Knowing this, we should be, like the fountain pen, ready at all times to deliver God's message. A pen which repeatedly has to be dipped is seldom used, if a fountain pen is handy. God will be pleased to use those who are ready and willing to be used.

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