Object Lessons


Objects: An old handkerchief full of holes and badly stained, a new white silk handkerchief, and a pair of scissors.

My handkerchief does not look very good this morning, but I think I shall be able to fix it all right. I have another new one, and if I take the scissors and cut out the stained parts in the old and sew in pieces cut out of the new, I will have one which does not look so bad. I did not realize that this handkerchief was so badly stained and so full of holes until I tried to get rid of them. Well do I remember when these stains and holes appeared. Oh, well, it will look much better when the new pieces take their places. Shall I cut a piece out of the center of this beautiful new handkerchief to patch the old one? (Place the scissors in the cloth as if you were going to cut the new one.)

(Voices of protest.)

Why don't you want me to cut it?

"Because you are spoiling the good one to patch the old, and when you get it fixed, it still will not be any good."

Yes, you are right. Did you ever stop to think that this is the way people often treat the Lord Jesus Christ? The Bible says that in God's sight our righteousness is as filthy rags. Christ came to earth in order that He might die for us and give us His perfect righteousness.

In Acts 8 we find a man trying to buy blessings from the apostles. Peter rebuked him for trying to buy God's gifts.

Christ wants to give His perfect righteousness to all who will receive Him as Saviour.

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