Object Lessons

Nails and Nations

Objects: A handful of nails and a large white-covered magnet.

This pile of nails reminds me of the nations of earth.   Some are headed one way, and some another way.

Well-meaning men have been trying for many years to straighten out the nations of earth, only to find that their efforts are hopeless. We might take much time and try to straighten these nails out, but the slightest shake would cause them to be mixed up again.

I have an idea as to how these nails can be straightened and kept straight. It is by using this large white magnet. I will take the nails and place their heads against the magnet. They now stay where I put them. When Christ comes into the lives of people, they are like this. This is true of individuals and nations.

The reason that the world is without peace today is because Christ is not the center of things.

Now that we have made all of these nails contact the magnet, we find that no slight shaking will cause them to be mixed again. The reason for this change is that the magnet now controls the nails. Peace will come to this world only when Christ is the center of all things, and is controlling all nations. We are all interested in having peace, but we must realize that this will never be accomplished so far as the world is concerned, until Christ comes to rule and reign. However, individuals can receive Him as Saviour, and then in their own hearts they have peace with God.

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