Object Lessons

Lad and Dad

Objects: A globe map of the world, a quart fruit jar, two pint jars, a red cross, clear gasoline, water, gasoline blackened with lampblack ground in oil, black ink, red ink, and bulletin red ground in oil. (Paste the outline of a paper heart on the quart jar near the center and on one of the pint jars. Put enough water in the quart jar to come a little above the top of the heart. Enough gasoline should be put in one pint jar to come above the heart. Fill the second pint jar half with water colored with red ink and half with gasoline colored with bulletin red. Place the globe at one end of the table and the cross at the other.)

These two jars remind me of a father and son. We will drop a drop of this black fluid into the large jar to see what happens. (Use only one drop of the ink.) The heart is blackened. The human heart looks this way in the sight of God when sin has entered. The heart on the little jar, the "son," is blackened by the fluid from this pretty bottle. (Lightly discolor with the black gasoline.)

Near the red cross you will see a jar with red fluid in it, reminding us of the blood of Christ which cleanses us from sin. Jess Jar comes to the cross and is cleansed. (Pour some of the red gasoline, which will be at the top of the jar, into the jar which contains clear gasoline representing the boy. The two gasolines will mix, leaving the heart red.) Jess receives Christ, and as God then looks at his heart, He sees Christ instead of sin.

Mr. Jar is over close to the globe of the world. We will use this globe to represent the evil things of this life as compared with eternal life in Jesus Christ. Jess goes over to him and tries to get him to receive Christ. (Pour some of the red gasoline into the jar. The water will not receive the red gasoline.) Mr. Jar refuses to take Christ.

Jess notices that his father is too close to the world, and he asks him to repent and come near the cross. This he does, and receives Christ into his heart. (Pour all the remaining red into the jar. The red water at the bottom will mix with the water in the quart jar.)

Now we understand better what Paul meant when he spoke of "repentance toward God, and faith toward our Lord Jesus Christ" (Acts 20:21).

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