Object Lessons


Objects: Several bills marked "PAID," and one unpaid.

Are people supposed to pay their bills?


The Bible says, "Owe no man anything."

Here are bills from the telephone company and the gas company, and they are marked "PAID." Here is a very small bill. It is less than a dollar. It is for the morning paper. Are small bills supposed to be paid the same as large ones?

"Yes, we should pay our debts, whatever the amount is."

Well, this last bill is not paid. It is for taxes, and is much larger than any of the other bills. What would happen if I did not pay this bill?

"Your property would be sold to pay it."

Yes, the tax bill must be paid. In looking at this unpaid bill, I am reminded of a debt the Apostle Paul had to pay. Can any of you boys and girls remember what it was? This was not a bill, but a debt. He said, "I am debtor both to the Greeks, and to the Barbarians; both to the wise, and to the unwise" (Rom. 1:14). Paul was not meaning that he owed these people money. He meant that he ought to give them the gospel of Jesus Christ. He was willing to give his life in order that he might pay this debt.

You and I who know Christ as Saviour are debtors to those who have never heard the gospel. I am wondering whether we, like Paul, are willing to say, "I am debtor," and "I am ready."

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