Object Lessons

Heavenly Bottles

Objects: Six bottles, graduated in size, different in shape, partly filled with water, and corked.

Did you know that bottles are mentioned in the Bible? In Psalm 56:8 we read: "Put thou my tears into thy bottle: are they not in thy book?" This is a part of David's prayer when he was in great trouble. God knew about all of David's sorrows and cared so much about him that it was as if He kept David's tears in a bottle, thus reminding Him of David's sorrows.

These bottles are different in size and shape. Some are nearly full, and others have very little in them. Some are large and some are small. Not all people have the same amount of tears and sorrow.

Isn't it wonderful to realize that God knows all our sorrows, and keeps a record of our tears? People often think that God has forgotten them when they are going through great sorrow, but he has not.

These tear bottles remind me of the children of Israel when they were in the Land of Egypt. They were slaves who had to work hard. They were beaten if their work was not done according to the commands of the Egyptians. In this great sorrow they cried out, and God heard their cry, and sent Moses to deliver them. God not only heard them, but He also was able, and willing to deliver them. He is ready to help us, too, if we will call upon Him.

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