Object Lessons

Hammer and Hearts

Objects: A hammer, a cross cut from veneer or cardboard and colored red, a plaster of paris heart, a white cardboard heart, and two nails. (Mark the hammer "God's Word." Put a thin black paper heart over one side of the white cardboard and stick it lightly. Put a sufficient amount of lampblack in the plaster of paris to make the heart black,)

How many of you like to use a hammer? Did you know that the Word of God is like a ham­mer? In Jeremiah 23:29, we read, "Is not my word . . . like a hammer that breaketh the rock in pieces?"

I have two hearts with me this morning. They are both black, reminding us that everyone has sinned. But God seeks to bring all sinners to the cross of Christ. First of all, the nail of conviction pierces the heart. (Use the cardboard heart.) When the heart reaches the cross it loses its sin. See how the black drops from this heart. (Drive the nail into the cross and leave the white heart on the cross.)

The second heart is no blacker than the first, but it is harder. I try to pierce it with the nail, but the nail will not go in. Many people are just like that—they do not want to hear anything that will convict them of their sins.

They are hardened against God's Word as this heart is hardened against the nail.

Something far worse will happen to those whose hearts are so hard that they resist conviction and refuse to receive Christ. The hammer will have to strike the heart and break it into pieces.

It is far better, when we are convicted of sin, to come to the cross of Christ, be saved, and get rid of our sin, than it is to wait for the judgment of God to break us to pieces.

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