Object Lessons

Fingers and Faith

Objects: The fingers of the teacher's hand, or a cardboard hand.

The objects I am using this morning are different from any we have ever used. They are in my pocket, the fingers on my left hand!

I am going to tell you a story about a little boy with whom a missionary once talked. The missionary found him taking care of his father's sheep. He longed to tell him something about Jesus, the good Shepherd, who gave His life for us.

The little boy could not understand very well; so the missionary used the fingers of his left hand as I am using my fingers this morning. He told the story of the Lord Jesus, and as each of the first five words of the Twenty-third Psalm was quoted, the missionary touched one of his fingers. When he touched the thumb, he said, "The." As the index finger was touched, he said, "Lord." When he came to the second finger, he said, "Is." The third finger was called "MY," and the little finger, "Shepherd." He told the little boy that the third finger, "MY," was especially important because he could have the Lord Jesus for his very own Shepherd.

The missionary went away, feeling that he had not been able to tell the little boy as much as he wanted to tell him about Jesus, the good Shepherd who gave His life for His sheep.

Months passed before he returned. He looked for the boy, but could not find him taking care o£ the sheep. He found the lad's mother, and was told that he had been frozen to death in a blizzard during the winter.

The mother said that when the boy was found, his hands were in a strange position. With his right hand he was grasping tightly the third finger of the left hand! The missionary was very glad to know this, for he was sure that even as he died the boy must have been saying, "The Lord is MY Shepherd." And, of course, if he trusted the Lord Jesus, the good Shepherd, as his Saviour, he went to heaven to be with Him forever.

Each one of you boys and girls should accept Christ as your own Saviour, then you, too, can say, "The Lord is MY Shepherd."

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