Object Lessons

Falling or Flourishing

Objects: A one-dollar bill and a piece of paper the same size on which a poem is written. (Lightly paste the poem on the back of the currency.)

What is this I am holding in my hand? "A dollar bill." It is a certificate for which the Treasury of the United States will exchange one silver dollar when it is demanded. It is a promise on the part of the United States Government.

I doubt that you have ever seen a dollar just like this one. On the back of it I read,

"This piece of paper in your hand declares to you that on demand, you one dollar shall receive; this simple promise you believe, it puts your mind as much at rest as if the silver you possessed.

"So Christ that died, but now doth live, doth unto you this promise give: That if in Him you will believe, you shall eternal life receive." Many great transactions are made every day in which currency is used, because people have confidence in the government's promise. Often these same people have difficulty in trusting the promises of God, He has promised them eternal life in Christ, but they are slow to accept His promises and to act upon them.

People are trying to get more and more money, thinking that they can trust their riches. In Proverbs 11:28, we read, "He that trusteth in his riches shall fall; but the righteous shall flourish as a branch."

It is far better to trust in God and flourish, than to trust in riches and fall.

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