Object Lessons

Decisions and Destinies

Objects: Two magnets, six matches, and a piece of stiff paper about two feet square. (Paint one magnet white and the other black. Soak the matches in water and insert a pin in the head of each. At the lower left-hand corner of the paper, draw two parallel lines, about three inches apart, slanting toward the upper right-hand corner. Write the word "LIFE" between these lines. At about the middle of the paper, draw a narrow gate leading upward, and a wide gate leading downward. Draw the outline of a city at the top, marking it "HEAVEN." At the lower right-hand corner, draw flames, and write "HELL." Place a small red cross at the narrow gate, and a map of the world in the wide gate. Substitute needles for matches if magnets are not strong enough to control the matches through the stiff paper.)

Did you know that everyone is traveling the pathway of "LIFE"? These matches remind us of people. They are on the pathway of "LIFE." (Place the black magnet behind the paper, and pull four of the matches to the two gates.)

People come to the place where they realize that they must accept Christ, or the world. Satan seeks to influence them to take the way o£ the world, which is the broad way leading to destruction. These four matches reject Christ, and go on in the broad way. The way gets blacker and blacker, but they are pulled downward by an unseen power. The door to "Hell" opens, and they now see the black magnet which has been pulling them all the way.

Christ realized this truth, and He said, "Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat" (Matt. 7:13). These two matches are like people who hear and heed the words of Christ. Coming to the crossroads, they accept Christ, and walk the strait and narrow way to heaven. As they near the city, the door opens, and they see the white magnet which has been drawing them upward. Each one needs to receive Christ, refuse the way of the world, resist Satan, and walk the strait and narrow way to heaven.

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