Object Lessons

Counting for Christ

Objects: A cardboard cipher (one side of it white or covered with white paper) and a red cardboard cross. (The cipher should be eleven inches high and five inches across. Fold it double, the white side inward, making it into a "U." Cover the back of the "U" with white paper, and the front with black paper. Make the cross eleven inches high. Put a pin through the crossbar and upright of the cross, allowing the crossbar to swing around into the upright position later in the lesson. On the back of the upright, paste a light blue figure "1," about ten inches long.)

We will let this black "U" represent you and me. Black reminds us of sin. The Bible says, "All have sinned, and come short of the glory of God" (Rom. 3:23). Sinners are invited to receive Christ as Saviour. When they accept the invitation, they are cleansed. (Place the upright of the red cross between the prongs of the "U." Then turn the "U" around, allowing the white side to show.) It is the desire of Christ that all sinners receive Him and be cleansed.

Next, Christ desires that the one who is cleansed shall become nothing for Him. (Lift the white side of the "U," making it into a cipher.)

If a person is willing to be nothing for Christ, that one will count for Him. (Fold the cross together and turn around allowing the "1" to show.) When we are nothing and Christ is the "ONE," we begin to count for Him.

We are reminded of James and John, who through their mother requested a prominent place in Christ's kingdom (Matt. 20:20, 21). It was not until they learned that self must be nothing that they were greatly used as servants of Christ.

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