Object Lessons

Cheerful or Tearful

Objects: A tin heart and a rubber heart. (The rubber heart can be cut from the inner tube of an automobile tire.)

These two hearts are like two kinds of Christians.   They are the same in size and shape, but they are very different. This tin heart looks the brightest, but it is far from being the best, so far as giving is concerned.

In thinking of giving, it is well for us to remember that we are only stewards of God's gifts. In this world, a good steward is very careful to handle the money or goods entrusted to him as the owner desires. We forget that there are many things which God has entrusted to us, besides money. We have health, clear minds, time, and talents. We need to ask ourselves the question, "Are we using these gifts for God and for others, or for ourselves?"

This rubber heart gives immediately without a sound. No matter from which direction it is approached, it always gives, cheerfully and silently. Notice how differently the tin heart acts when asked to give. It will not stretch the least little bit. It is not silent about it either, but makes a good deal of noise.   (Rattle the tin so it can be heard.)

Many people are like this tin when they are asked to give of their possessions, whether it be of time, talents, or money. They make a big fuss. They say they need their money for themselves, or they haven't the time to waste on others, or they want to use their talents for their own good and gain. How sad they will be when they stand before Christ and give a reckoning.

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