Object Lessons

Buying Bread

Objects: Four large round buns, a small flask-shaped bottle filled with vinegar, an imitation playing card, an imitation dance program, an imitation theater ticket, an imitation cigarette, and a very mall New Testament. (Cut a circle around the bottom of each bun, remove the piece, and hollow out e inside. Fill each bun as explained below, replace bottom, and seal it with transparent mending ape.)

All these buns look as if we might be planning a picnic. But we are not going to talk about a picnic. We are going to talk about something of far more value to us than any picnic could possibly be. We are going to talk about the bread upon which we feed. Just as we eat bread to make our bodies grow strong, so we have food for our souls. These buns represent the food upon which people are trying to nourish their souls.

The first one contains a bottle of whisky. I am reminded of the words of Isaiah 55:2: "Wherefore do ye spend money for that which is not bread? and your labor for that which satisfieth not?" Whisky can neither feed our hearts, nor satisfy them.

The next bun contains an imitation cigarette. I would not want to get this close to a real cigarette, for if I never touch a real one, I will never learn to smoke it. How foolish it is for people to try to satisfy the hunger of their souls by smoking.

Let us see what is in the last bun—a New Testament. When I open this Testament, I find it tells me about Jesus, the bread of Heaven, who satisfies the soul's hunger. (See John 6.)


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